workout tips

Whether you are starting out a new workout regimen or an old pro there are workout tips you may want to try and follow to get the maximum benefit of your work out.

First and foremost always get permission from your doctor to workout. Make sure you are in great health so you will not injure yourself while working out.

Make sure you make your workout a priority. You may want to use a calendar to check off that you actually worked out each day. Otherwise, you may skip a day here and there and before you know it, you missed three days of exercise in a row. This lack of exercise is not beneficial to you. Think of exercise as you would brushing your teeth; it is something you need to do every day.

A great way to make sure you get your workout in is to do it the first thing in the morning. Set your alarm and get up 45 minutes to one hour earlier than you would if you were not exercising. You will wake your body up and get your metabolism kick started for the rest of the day. Eat a healthy protein filled breakfast so you stay full longer. Such breakfasts include drink mixes that you mix with milk that are loaded with vitamins and protein, meat, nuts and cheeses. Skip a lot of carbohydrates as carbs will not keep you full very long. Also, bad carbs make you want to eat more and more of them. Examples of bad carbs include donuts, sugar laden cereals and basically any type of foods that are loaded with sugar.

To keep up with your exercise make sure you only workout thirty minutes to one hour per day. You do not want to exercise for two or more hours as you will only wear yourself out and decide to quit altogether.

Make sure you warm up before you exercise.

You need to warm up your muscles so they stretch further and so you do not injure them. You do not want to end up tearing your ligaments and having to have expensive and painful surgery.

Drink plenty of water when you exercise. You may want to keep a fresh glass of water close to during your work out. Replenish the fluids you are losing due to sweat.

Do you watch too much television? If so, start by turning it off for thirty minutes per evening. Take your dog outside for a walk. Play in the yard with your children. You will find that you will have a lot more fun spending time with your family and pets. You can always record a show you feel is important and watch it later on in the evening.

Grab an exercise buddy. The two of you can come up with new exercise ideas. Both of you will keep each other on track as far as working out. It is harder to quit exercising altogether when you have someone cheering you on to get moving.

Remember when you workout you are working out for yourself. You owe yourself some “me” time and exercise will help your mind, body and spirit.

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